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Through elements of time we see memories portrayed in form of imagery.Black and White, Colour, Small, Big...

Photography and Design in itself has influenced and shaped the world to what it is today.

My aim is to continue the shaping

Im currently a freelance artist who deals with different artistic mediums to produce varied and differentiated pieces of work

I am available to hire for leaflet designs, tshirt prints, poster designs, photography or any art related work.Very reasonable prices assosciated within my work

A million thanks for visiting

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With a half-glance upon the sky
At night he said, ‘The wanderings
Of this most intricate Universe
Teach me the nothingness of things.’
Yet could not all creation pierce
Beyond the bottom of his eye.

He spake of beauty: that the dull
Saw no divinity in grass,
Life in dead stones, or spirit in air;
Then looking as ’twere in a glass,
He smooth’d his chin and sleek’d his hair,
And said the earth was beautiful.
A perfect canvas for the imagination

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